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The Family
For three generations the Corsini family has been the protagonist of a story that is fragrant with bread and biscuits. A story that begins with great-grandfather Corrado, who in 1921 was already the most famous baker of Mount Amiata. Little Ubaldo, one of his children, immediately fell in love with this family art and as a little boy he started learning his father’s secrets and the magic of that ancient bakery. As the years went by, in addition to bread, they started baking delicious biscuits and the cakes in the Tuscan tradition. Little Ubaldo grew up and made an enterprise out of his family art: in fact, beginning in the eighties and into the nineties, Ubaldo is the one who designed and built the passage from an artisan bakery to a factory manufacturing renowned bakery products.

Today Mr. Ubaldo Corsini is the President of the Corsini Biscotti Srl. Over the years, his sons Corrado, Andrea, and his younger sons Roberto and Gianluca have joined the company gradually taking over the responsibility of the commercial management, purchase, quality control and production departments. As a matter of fact, tradition counts and the original philosophy of the family is a value that must be affirmed and protected and, just like the recipes, must be handed down from father to son.


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